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Q-PRINTS&SERVICE gGmbH - QPS - is a social integration enterprise focused on the needs of business and commerce. In order to carry out its integration-focused mission, QPS operates businesses in a number of sectors, and cooperates with commercial companies within the area.

Since 2009, QPS is highly engaged within our agency "European Mobility" in the arrangement of young adults into voluntary internship according to individual needs and requirement within personal professional biography.

Our activities aim to reveal prospects for personal and vocational development in the light of a Europe that is growing together as well as a world wide understanding. We achieve this through work placements and study trips.

Our main focus is on mutual learning and interexchange. The work placement programme is aimed at pupils, apprentices, young employees, students, graduates and the unemployed who can take part in the ErasmusPlus programme, IdA (Integration through exchange)/TLN Mobility or the European Social Fund for between 3 and 26 weeks.

The study trips are for staff in the education sector and those companies who explicitly want to further improve themselves with regard to Germany.

A tailor-made programme, individual support and content-related quality are central elements of our work which guarantee success for our participants. Our widespread regional network consists of the public administration, economic chambers, small and medium-sized businesses, large-scale enterprises, non-profit organisations and adult and youth educational providers.

In the field of educational research we devote ourselves to innovative approaches to vocational education and the employment market. Methods of vocational orientation and advancement, informal learning, integration of single parents, people with disabilities or addiction issues in the employment market or the compatibility of family and career are just some of our key issues. Measures with German and European funding are carried out in these fields.

If you like more information, do not hestiate to contact us


Astrid Heesch (Area Management European Mobility)

75172 Pforzheim/Germany

You'll also find us on facebook.

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