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Esma Pehlivan

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We are working at Etimesgut District National Education Directorate ,public education authority in Etimesgut which is one of the central districts of Ankara, capital city of of our Directorate, it is a governmental organization in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school, to secondary and adult education in our area. The Directorate was established in 1990 and currently serves in governorship building. It coordinates 18  pre-primary schools, 33 primary schools, 34 secondary schools, 15 high schools, 9 vocational schools, 2 adult education centers, students, 5545 teachers and a counselling and rehabilitation centre for our pupils who needs special education. The Directorate is responsible for organizing all the required actions in the field of education to realize a real increase in the management and organizational capacity of our area. In this context the Directorate supports school principals, teachers and other staff with variety of in-service training courses. Besides it cooperates in many National and International projects.

We want to be a partner to ready projects with our dynamic team

If you want to work with us you can write on e mail :

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 Apprentissage des adultes
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Apprentissage tout au long de la vie

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