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The idea is aimed to apply a method for creating gradient magnetic fields in biotechnology to control the three-dimensional tissue culturing and to develop methods for creating of local magnetic fields and its effect on tissue culturing process.

Our team has developed the elastic resin-bonded magnets with a specific geometry of magnetic field distribution. This allows meeting several requirements to the external magnetic field: specific geometry and uniform distribution of magnetic field at the required distance.

Also we have applied the elastic magnets for development of a new approach to the creation of conditions for growing cells in a 3D space. This involves application of small gradient magnetic fields, due to which energetic 3D space for growing cells is created. Such technology can be applied in the field of tissue engineering for creation of biological implants as an alternative to existing methods using biopolymer matrices or magnetic nanoparticles which are injected into the cell culture for directional cell growth.

Preliminary analysis of the influence of the proposed conditions on the growth of epitelium-like cell cultures of pig embryo kidney have shown positive results for creation of cells in a 3D space as well as improved adhesion and proliferation of cell cultures. From our point of view, small magnetic gradient fields directed in a 3D space in a certain way can be used for creation of a new method in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It should be noted that application of the proposed resin-bonded magnets is not limited to culturing the cells under conditions of magnetic field gradient in vitro. These magnets can also be used for regeneration of burned tissues.

We are looking for cooperation with the specialists in the field of biotechnologies. This cooperation allows development of the method using small gradient magnetic fields, due to which energetic 3D space for growing biological tissues in vitro having the properties characteristic for body tissues can be created.



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