Teaching English to Disadvantaged People

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Main objective:

Our project proposal focuses on visually-impaired individuals. We aim to teach basic English (A1-A2 levels) skills to these individuals through distance learning modules based on a curriculum to be developed by the Department of Foreign Language Education, Bartin University, Turkey. Our project includes intellectual outputs.

Further details:

The project is expected to last for 2 years. The proposed schedule includes several transnational meetings and a final event. Upon completion of the teaching phase, the visually-impaired learners will be given language proficiency certificates and then offered to join a transnational final event (with an accompanying person) to meet some other learners from partner countries who also managed to learn the basic English language skills. In that way, the visually-impaired people will not only improve their foreign language skills for wider job opportunities, but also socialize with the people with similar experience. We aim to provide the education in as many languages as possible so we would appreciate partnerships from various EU countries.

Partner profiles:

Group 1: Education providers or/and language educators who can deliver assistance in material development or/and translating the materials into different languages. Experienced in educational projects.

Group 2: Societies or non-profit organisations who address visually-imparied young learners and who are capable of encouraging/organising the visually-impaired individuals in their countries to take part in the English language course and monitoring them. Experienced in servicing to the people with disadvantage.

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