System for transforming rectilinear motion to circular motion for implementation of any kind of human powered machine.

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Salvatore Cosenza



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- written statement explaining EP 2014545 B1.

My patented invention has to deal with the new method to exploit kinetic energy produced by man/user, redefining the potential of it, unexpected at all. It might be defined as a "human powered system" -  feet&shoulders - "linear-to-rotary torque-actuator". With the appropriate managing of user applied forces, is removed causation of "dead points"; in other words, is avoided the “virtual work” (also called "null work" - defined by mathematician Louis Lagrange), obtaining a greater and steady rendering of power compared to traditional crank systems.

That means that electrically-helped e-bike systems, as well as the energy storage batteries providing additional torque power, are not needed anymore in helping the user to overcome the inefficiency which was reaching its maximum in "dead point" positions while pedaling.  The case study of this invention of mine, reflects the application of its objective innovation concept either for "human powered applications" that for endothermic engines, as well.

My system combines the two systems exerting thrust: 1) the upright standing position and 2) the recumbent likened, consisting instead, of antilift system.

First, with upright standing position on the pedal, you load all the weight of your body, alternatively on one pedal and then, on the other one. But, as it is supposed a very disadvantageous transmission relation, the pedal (does not sag quickly under the weight of the body) and the whole system might avail of the second thrust from antilift system anchored to the frame.

The aim of the rider of this system is not, to push the pedal; but while standing on the pedal, is that of pushing upward  against the jacket of the antilift system.

If You are carefully considering my patented invention, the title suggests that it has not to deal with a unique definitive application but it is a system that serves to a multiplicity of appliances. It would be useful to obtain fun, affirmation in new sport activities and tourism; but most precious, for exploitment of "mechanical human energy" in appliances for work activities in "third world countries", as well. The case of the bicycle is one application; but the total number of appliances goes that far as much as fantasy would push its self forward.

Individual mobility: vehicles on the ground, water means of navigation (floating or under water), means of flight;

Industry: operating machines (also, electric generators) acted by one or more individuals.

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