Sustainpower - Integrated Platform for Holistic Planning, Public Awareness and Shared Consensus of Sustainable Energy Production

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The evaluation of the potential impact of a new energy production site is a hard task, which comprises the evaluation of heterogeneous aspects – including the environment, the society and the financial viability - and the point of view of different stakeholders – including environmental associations, public administration and political institution, private investors, providers of related services and technologies, and consumers. The main difficulties in this evaluation are represented by:

- The lack of technical instruments to plan and implement sustainable energy policies accounting for the real impact of the different technologies;

- The need of a deep and interdisciplinary knowledge and information required when analyzing sustainability issues;

- The achievement of a shared consensus among the stakeholders responsible for implementing the policies;

- The social acceptance of the resulting energy investments and the related communication ;

The resulting situation often leads to considerable delays in the delivery of energy production systems, as well as to extra costs for the public administration and energy utilities, in form of communication, education and marketing, or even to reduced profit, both considering renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

In this context, Sustainpower represents an integrated solution for the holistic evaluation of the sustainability of power production systems, in a transparent way, and based on metrics and methodologies commonly agreed among the different involved stakeholders. Sustainpower in an on-line platform for decision support, which represents a thorough answer to that need, as it is a solution to accelerate the sustainable development and refurbishment of energy production, by drastically reducing the duration of the required sustainability evaluation, as well as by enforcing shared consensus, potentially accelerating the authorization process and considerably reducing the related costs at the same time.

In particular, sustainpower offers:

- An easy-to-use instrument for an overall view of the impact of the different technologies;

- Information, data and updated analysis about the different technologies;

- Results based on the outcome of a permanent working table involving all the relevant stakeholders (including representors of academic expertise on environmental and socio-economic impact, public institutions, environmental associations, energy utilities and the different components of the energy production and supply chain, including technology producers, promoters and installers)

- Easily understandable description of the impact of the different technologies, resulting in strong communication benefits.

Fuelmed is an Italian company specialised in consultancy and marketing services for power companies, who counts on more than 10 years of experience.

The constant improvement and customization of the offered services allows Fuelmed to be a notable actor in the market of communication and public relation services for the energy industry.

Fuelmed has already developed and tested a working prototype of sustainpower (), involving:

- A Steering Committee accounting for five of the most relevant experts of the energy sector at national and European level to ensure proper representation of all aspects of sustainability and give a sharing and balanced summary of the contributions from the stakeholders;

- A Technical Committee collecting 23 leading experts of various sectors involved in identifying the impacts in their competence sector and the quantification criteria;

- A panel of a few hundred stakeholders (including universities, research centres, associations, institutions, trade unions, media, technology producers and distributors, and financial institutions investing in energy production) providing the evaluation and monitoring on individual parameters applied to various indicators for the definition of the general ;

Thanks to the support of the H2020 SME instrument, Fuelmed will get ready for the market launch of sustainpower in less than 24 months

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