Submeter precision Cartography : Applications in Europe

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We are a Service Provider in Geodata and an R&D company in Robotics, Our goal is to marry Innovations in Robotics with Geodata, so that better data accquisation as well as better quality controls and analysis becomes the norm.

We are currently developing :

  1. High precision camera
  2. Innovative antenna and beamforming for LPD
  3. New web mapping paradigms
  4. Solutions to the SLAM problem with respect to airborne survey missions.
  5. Miniature vaccum tube and non-silicon electronics

Sternbahn UG aspires to introduce submeter scale cartography in European Scenarios.

While it may seem trivial for static objects, such as roads and houses, to make a cartographical representation of the world with error no where exceeding 1 meter, in a more dynamic environment, in Agricultural fields, Forests, Rapidly decaying lakes, Mining areas and so on, it is no trivial task. Nor is a submeter scale accuracy easily attainable using common GPS devices. At least RTK enable GPS devices CAN pull the error level lower than a meter.

We hereby propose an European project to map dynamic Europe in a sub meter scale accuracy. The foolowing questions arise, and needs to be answered.

  1. Which Themes should be represented by a sub meter scale accuracy
    1. What are their practical uses ?
    2. What are their scientific uses ?
    3. What maximum (still sub-meter) scale error is acceptable
    4. How does these theme relate to each other
  2. How rapidly can these themes be mapped, what time sclae is necessary, on an average, to cover which spatial scale, with respect to a particular theme?
    1. What variation / other statistics of these time scales may be observed?
  3. What instrumentalization is necessary


This is no trivial task. And for this task, we are looking for partners and investors, who are, in some way, willing to reinvent the wheel . Our focus is innovation, and sometimes a larger innovation comes at the cost of reinventing the wheel.

We are looking for like minded entities, who won't be put of with the associated risk(s)

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