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We are looking for lead applicant from country with higher rate of project approval and partners with experience in career guidance and development.


Project brief description:


More and more young people in the world are unemployed or are struggling to keep their jobs even when they are part time workers. Eurobarometer survey on the 'European Area of Skills and Qualifications' (Special Eurobarometer 417) shows also that around a quarter (23%) of EU citizens feel that their education or training has not provided them with the skills to find a job in line with their qualifications; including 95% of EU citizens who consider that skills can be gained outside of formal education, particularly transversal skills as foreign language and entrepreneurship.

The aim of this project is creation of an interactive platform for boosting the skills of the persons involved in youth work and the young people or more precise NEETs and young people with fewer opportunities (coming from rural areas and smaller towns), in order to create new methods for fighting unemployment and even creation of new jobs. Exactly one of the goals of Erasmus+ is to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating the access to learners with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities compared to their peers.

Basic way to decrease unemployment rate is by gaining market-required skills and entrepreneurial learning, and combine them with the personal interests and creativity of the learners. This includes efforts to change the way young people think and behave on professional level.

For accomplishing this goal we will create an interactive virtual platform that includes e-learning courses with open access (OER), and more important, social corner for virtual collaboration via which young people will be able to peer-learn, create a network of potential youth partners to work together or clients that will help them in dissemination and growth of their entrepreneurial activity, also to share their experience (good and bad moves) and best practices. More precise, the social corner for virtual collaboration is composed of private tutoring groups, public forum and webinars.

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