Seeking partners for Erasmus + ALLIANCES FOR INNOVATION (Blended learning for officials)

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We are looking for partners to join our following idea: "Blended learning, virtual (law enforcement)".


There has been a lot of talk in higher education recently about blended learning techniques. Classical, knowledge-based higher education is no longer attractive to students, does not respond to the opportunities offered by new technologies, is not inclusive. However, there are professions in which direct professor-student contact is unavoidable, and studies in security field (such as law enforcement training) is one such area. The COVID pandemic has forced training processes to move to virtual environment. Law enforcement training institutions have faced serious challenges - not only to move lectures and seminars to the virtual space, but also to find innovative solutions to ensure the transfer of necessary knowledge and skills without contact between teacher and student.

This situation raises many questions and doubts about the suitability of blended learning, namely for higher education institutions acting in the field of security sciences and studies. Higher education institutions in the EU Member States are solving the problems on their own, and there is currently no comprehensive, research-based research on which blended learning methods can be adapted to work remotely with future law enforcement officers.

The project would include: a consistent in-depth analysis of experiences in the project countries, using blended learning methods for distance learning for security students; development of distance learning methodology; development of distance learning modules for certain subjects using artificial intelligence and simulation curriculum for consortium countries; training of teachers in higher education institutions involved in security studies.

There is a need to find the solution how to teach physical tasks virtually. In the officials’ teaching programs there are usually these subjects involved:

  • Shooting practice
  • Self defense
  • Intelligence
  • Typology
  • Work with society etc   

We would like to know which main topics are taught in your country and which of them might be problematic to teach in distance. After we would collect the common ones and develop the program.

 Seeking partners from these fields: universities for officials, technology companies, big data companies, law enforcement institutions etc.

 Égalité des sexes
 Applications informatiques
 Éducation et formation
 Enseignement supérieur
 Droit civil
 Sécurité publique
 Intelligence artificielle

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