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My project isn’t a product per se. It is a complete city, a Research Smart City from scratch, but considered as a normal livable city, without any cars, rather with a high-speed pod transportation system underground (if not possible upperground), and if possible the Hyperloop system (top-speed ~1200 km/h).

It’s a unique opportunity for universities and corporates (doing R&D) around the world to have a stake on this research. The city will house about 100,000 inhabitants and will have around 150,000 to 200,000 commuters, for the beginning.

In November I will have a talk about such a Research Smart City in Moscow, Russia.

From researchers to investors, all of you are welcomed to take advantage of such a city.

You may see the invitation on LinkedIn under “Posts” and “Will a completely new Smart City be built? When? Where?”

If you want to have a general idea about the city you may read a post with all the links on it, it’s called “Thank you note for the Smart City”

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