Promoting a multistakeholder strategy involving public, private and thirds sector to support regular employment in organic agriculture value chain

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Marta Paci



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My name is Marta and I am the head of EU projects design department within FELCOS UMBRIA, an association of local authorities of Umbria region (IT) for decenttalized cooperation and sustainable development.

We are looking for partners, in the following EU countries: Spain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic,  we are open to any other partner offer.

We are working on a project proposal withih call AMIF-2020-AG-CALL- 
Developing and implementing local integration strategies through multi-stakeholder partnerships, with deadline 16th february 2021.

The objective of the project proposal is to promote the cooperation among eu partners involved to develop and test multi-stakeholder strategies to encourage labor and socio-economic inclusion of migrants in agriculture, in a framework of legality and respect for the rights of workers and the environment.

Partnership will be composed in each project country by :

- an association of organic farming /associations of organic producers;
- a local authority (representing the political framework competencies for employment policies, social services, integration policies) or its associations and networks; 
- an organization dealing with immigration integration promotion

If you are interessed , please contact me at :



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