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Italian demand patent N. 102016000111939 dated 08/09/2016



The  invention of the pump with two separate supply until the impeller on the suction side has allowed the invention of hydropower by recycling water in an open vessel. With this system we have, at the same time, lifting water and the production of energy, mainly by exploiting the dynamic pressure (or kinetic energy) of the water flowing from the upper reservoir.

This invention, in turn, has inspired the present invention, which interacts positively with the environment. In fact, in pressurized systems with pumps with double separate power supply, the continuous internal recycle to the volume of water accumulated allows balance the hydrostatic pressure in inlet and outlet of the pump and therefore to circulate the water with very little energy.

With the second separate supply until the inside of the impeller, it is possible to introduce water at low pressure in the pressurized tank. Since water cannot be compressed, the same amount is excreted in high pressure by the cushion of air through a tube that feeds a turbine, transforming the energy of static pressure into dynamic and producing electricity. The compressed air volume does not vary, therefore the air behaves like a spring, but due to of the principle of Dalton on the partial pressures of the gases and Henry on the solubilization of the gases, neglecting the effect of nitrogen that is neutral and of the other gases that are in negligible percentages, we have an important effect of the oxygen solubilization due to the pressure which increases proportionally according of the same. This involves an increase in capacity of water purifying, without increasing the cost of production of electricity. Considering that to state of the art pressurized water power does not exist, it is clear that this invention involves huge economic and environmental benefits. In this application we can make small vertical submerged pressurized water power plants in wells polluted by nitrates and pesticides that purify the groundwater while producing energy. But the same application can be produced in a reduced version even in small treatment plants.  All the hydraulic systems, including those depurative, of the future will be able to produce energy because the power of compressed air always allows to have residual energy to be exploited in a turbine and all will be with the water recycling, because the recycling of water by the pumps with the dual separate supply allows to circumvent the force of gravity and the ; The compressed air will be used as an accumulator of energy that disperses only the part of the energy due to the components that dissolve in the water chemically. This dispersion in global systems, which are also depurative, cannot be considered a loss of yield. With this invention we move towards the elimination of energy costs and multiplies environmental protection.

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