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Serap Altın

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Dear all,

We have a ready K2 project and looking for partners. The  age of our students is between 15-19.

 The aim of our project is to promote countries from a different aspect. There are different activites such as :

-Preparing a slide show about an outstanding character of their countries ,their added values to humanity ,  raise awareness about their own values and learn about the other countries' outstanding presentations will be organised by students.

-Historical or Geographical visit :With these visits we aim to inform students about different historical / geographical regions .Guest students will take photos ,make comments about these places ,and add information what they think about these places, why others should visit these places and share this with the host students .

 -Dealing with ‘traditional arts’ help students to improve their imagination and hand skills. Cooperative tasks help them to achieve their self improvement and collaborating in group activities they learn to share, they relax , have fun, learn to be patient and focus on subjects .


If you would like to learn the details, please send me a message


Serap Altın

 Culture et développement

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