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In recent years, wildfires have had an enormous impact on Europe's natural capital, economy, and its people. The causes of fires are complex and they include climate change, land-management changes, social patterns such as rural abandonment and urban expansion, changing cultural traditions and leisure behaviors, as well as sub-optimal fire management policies. By commercialising in fire risk areas and enabling autonomous systems during dry seasons, we can save lives and homes.
Based on STME fire solution (auto protection system against fires in outdoor areas, which slows and breaks the propagation of fire with a water projection system and retardant), developing the next mobile generation of autonomous solution to fight against fires and protect people and goods.
The new solution will be transportable by truck or helicopter and will comprises a combination of anti-fire device and a secure zone to protect people (using water and adjuvant to break the fire propagation and a dedicated sprayed secure area using a recycling system for the water to protect people while waiting for rescue).
The solution is designed for specifically sensitive to fire areas: isolated houses, camping’s, leisure areas and/or isolated structures, factories, recycling centers, storage zones,
For more information, please contact me: expert (at) marketkaps (dot) com

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