Multifunctional hexa-rotors tricopter for precision farming environment – MHRT

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Constantin VILCU

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The components of the abiotic environment (air, water, soil) are vital for a sustainable agriculture. The current tendency is to make intelligent or precision agriculture. This involves the introduction of high-performance technologies, machines and equipment for streamlining the agricultural process and ensuring production control in environmentally friendly conditions. All farmers are trying to get as much agricultural production as possible with the lowest costs. To this end, the project proposes the creation of a multi-functional multi-copter as an experimental-demonstrator model of agricultural drone (agridrone) for monitoring, mapping, sampling of soil samples and phytosanitary treatment of crops in agricultural farms. The agridrone to be built (model ) allows the evaluation of the land and the agricultural environment without the need to move the human operator. Decisions can be made faster when problems arise. The agricultural management becomes efficient, because the measurements transmitted in real time from the land and the analysis of the environmental factors (weather, water requirement, quality and soil properties, seasonality, stage of plant development) provide the farmers with the necessary resources to understand and effectively manage crops.

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