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During the school year or at the end of it , children have no cultural or Recreational activities , they have nothing to do , Schools have no playgrounds no schoolyards no toys and no theatre. A lot of children are bored, hanging around, doing nothing. For these children MVWORK wants to organize activities in the summer to give them a nice holiday. MVWORK aims to attract especially children from poor families.

Volunteers are free to design the program and choose activities according to their own whishes and the preferences of the children. Examples of activities are theater, dance, music, games, Teaching foreign languages and sports. Again, volunteers have to take into account that there are limited materials available. Before your arrival we expect you to have many ideas of activities to do for the kids, so when you are preparing the work with other volunteers you can participate giving ideas and propose activities. Mostly children understand the games/tasks by giving a first example, but there are also translators in case.

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