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Epic Mobile Augmented Reality was launched on July 2014 on Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Mobiles/Tablets). Epic MAR is a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser. It lets you detect objects or images (magazine, ads, TV screens, billboards, flyers, invitation cards, logos, a Pepsi can, ads... etc) from the real world by scanning them with your phone camera, then the application displays digital contents related to the product/image and you can interact with it on your mobile and share it on Social Media (Facebook. Twitter).

Interactions with the scanned item can be watching a related video, ecommerce, locating it on a map, send email, call the company, register for its web-service, get prizes/draw (Loyalty Program) ... etc.

Epic MAR introduction:

Epic MAR Augmented Reality for Real Estate:

Epic MAR at Egypt Economic Development Conference Mar 13-15th Sharm El Skeikh:

Prezi presentations on Epic MAR.:

Prezi presentation on using Epic MAR as an interactive TV application:

Video on how the markers will look like on the TV interactive App where viewers can interact now with any TV screens and engage with other TV audiences through the Mobile App.:

Prezi presentation on using Epic MAR as a Radio interactive App:

The application is live on Apple Store under "Epic MAR" or you can directly download it from:

You can install the Android version from the following link:

The application displays digital content when you point the camera to the images in the following link:

Epic MAR at Egypt Economic Development Conference Mar 13th-15th 2015:

Regarding events like weddings or conferences, guests can scan the invitation card and see a video inviting them to the event. After the event is over, they can scan the invitation card again and they will get the pictures and videos related to the event. These features are shown in the below introduction video for Epic MAR from minute 3:36 to 4:11

Below is a video on a project we did with Aquafina Saudi Arabia:

Sample video on interacting with a 3D Augmented Reality object:

Sample videos on Epic MAR and Education which could incorporate advertising videos for each marker:

Epic MAR Augmented Reality for Furniture & Interior Decoration:

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