Low Resolution UV imaging.

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Hello Colleauges

We are investigating the application of low resolution UV imaging in consumer products.

The System

We are investigating the application of a Bolometer Array sensitive in between 200nm to 390 nm. The array contains no more than 100 elements, freely arrangable. Each element is 3mmx3mm in size, giving us a lot of sensitivity. We are still working on calibration and characterizing the sensitivity and its fluctuations.

The final product will have a price tag of ~400€

The proposal

We want to use such bolometer arrays for everyday purposes . Example of applications would be machine vision in Agroindustry to identify good or bad fruits or vegetables, or for monitoring difference in solar UV dose across a moderately large area ( a street)

We look for your input

We are looking for research partners to identify more potential uses of low resolution UV bolometer array, given high sensitivity and very fast image on-board processing capability; and thereforth explore the marketability.

We are also looking for potential investory if present in the platform.

Please send us a mail with a very short sketch of your idea and your proposal to explore the the potential together, if you wish so. We look forward for your message.

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