Looking for partners for Erasmus+ KA220-ADU proposal

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Fundación Cibervoluntarios

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Fundación Cibervoluntarios (), a Spanish NGO born in 2001 focused on the use of ICTs as a means for social innovation and citizen empowerment, is looking for partners to join its Consortium for next Cooperation Partnership call, in the field of Adult Education.

The proposal intends to create a methodology and training resources for adults at a European level, in order to help alleviate the situation of digital vulnerability experienced by many entrepreneurs, self-employed people, startups, SMEs and agents of the social economy, as well as support and promote digitization to improve its competitiveness

We are looking to complete our consortium with: 

-Organisations or companies working in the training and creation of startups (not accelerators, but the previous steps), especially those of young people.

- Strong organisations of entrepreneurship in rural areas (umbrella organisations, national or European organisations).

Responses are accepted up to Monday, February 21st 2022, at 12 pm CET. The form will be closed afterwards.

The EU projects coordinator will later contact the interested parties asap with an answer and further info.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

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