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As Swiss partners cannot apply for EU funded project coordination (but can be part of consortiums), we are looking for experienced Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinators with privileged relationship with their national agency to apply for some of our project ideas in the domain of EU competence certification schemes.

We (ViaSyst and our partner EFCoCert - see presentation below) have a unique aknowledged expertise in thiis matter and all competence certification related applications (6 to date) we did conribute have been accepted over the last 6 years, in 5 countries (F, Lux, HU, GR, B).

Thanks for contacting us by email:

EFCoCert & ViaSyst – an unique expertise for competence certification

“The Swiss partner ( EFCoCert & ViaSyst) is the only organization in Europe that develops European certifications schemes for persons that are ISO 17024 ; Hungarian NA, 2017

The participation of Swiss organizations ( EFCoCert & ViaSyst) provides real added value to the project because of the special skills and knowledge that these organizations have owned in the past and can ensure a significantly higher quality regarding the results of the proposal. Hellenic NA, 2018

These are some of the comments of National Agencies highlighting the EFCoCert & ViaSyst unique & demonstrated know-how & experience for developing ISO 17024 compliant dematerialized EU competence certification schemes.

Thus, the message is clear: EFCoCert & ViaSyst are the partners that any consortium aiming to develop and operate a competence certification scheme shall not ;

EFCoCert & ViaSyst tightly cooperate since 2013 within EU funded projects (6 to date, see Annexes), and ideally complete each other whereby:

  • EFCoCert Foundation () ensures the development, sustainability and exploitation of competence certification schemes, through an ISO compliant standardisation process, and
  • ViaSyst SA () is a private IT company whose core business is to design, develop & operate as SaaS (Software as a Service) dematerialized IT solutions dedicated to certification schemes.

EFCoCert & ViaSyst have experience & expertise relevant for the following ERASMUS+ programme:

  • ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training
  • ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership – Exchange of good practices

EFCoCert & ViaSyst is the only dedicated partner tandem in Europe that has the necessary expertise & know-how for:

  • developing EU competence certification schemes that are ISO 17024 compliant,
  • operating and broadening the dissemination of these schemes in a scheme owner position, through affiliated certification bodies (CBs),
  • proposing a harmonised dematerialised exam, remotely available, consistent for all participating CBs,
  • developing & exploiting as a SaaS the necessary IT tools for consistent scheme implementation,
  • monitoring CBs’ performance and certification credibility & consistency through a solid integrity program, operated on the IT SaaS platform.
  • elaborating & implementing a sustainable business model,

EFCoCert & ViaSyst board members & directors gather the following expertise and experience:

  • Definition and co-coordination of European projects (since 2003: ESF, FP5, FP6, InterReg, LdV, ERASMUS+)
  • Develop European skill cards for non-regulated professions ( European projects: CERTITRAIN, MENTORCERT, CERTI4Headmasters, Mentor4WBL@EU)
  • Develop EU and ISO 17024 compliant competence certification schemes (CERTITUDE, CERTI4TRAIN
  • Develop IT platforms that ensures the dematerialization of competence exam processes (CERTITUDE, CERTI4TRAIN, Mentor4WBL@EU)
  • Sustainability and exploitation of EU funded projects (ERASMUS+) competence certification schemes: CERTITUDE, CERTI4TRAIN, MENTORCERT, Mentor4WBL@EU
  • ISO, CASCO, & CEN (international and European) standardisation expertise since 2001


EFCoCert Foundation & ViaSyst SA

Ch. des Côtes 4, CH – 1020 Renens (Lausanne)

Stéphane JACQUEMART, , +352 691 369 784

Florence Le LANN, , +33 6 23 81 34 09

Dr Didier BLANC, , , +41 79 337 51 39

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