Looking for a lead to prove our value on harm reduction drug policies.

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Since Episteme, a non-profit organization, has been leading the Spanish research scheme on drug use, we consider it is time to step forward and build European alliances. That is why we are looking for a lead applicant who can provide us with the opportunity to prove our value internationally. Especially now that the EU Agenda and Action Plan on Drugs 2021-2025 highlight the imperious necessity of carrying out more harm reduction research projects on drugs, one of our main fields of expertise.

Episteme is a non-profit organization focused on evaluating and carrying out social research. We are one of the leading organizations within the Spanish research scheme on drug use. Our team's mission is to generate reliable social reality knowledge to improve social interventions and projects' efficiency and effectiveness. We are working with public institutions as well as international private companies. Our multidisciplinary team sees experts in different fields of social sciences.

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 Affaires sociales et inclusion
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