Light metal die casting & machining advanced solutions in field of tools for automotive, aeronautics (HIDRIA)

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HIDRIA is a Slovenian company that provides the most demanding aluminium high-pressure-die-cast components for Tier-1 automotive suppliers. We are focused on two technological fields: 1) ICE components 2) power steering system components. We manufacture pump housings and steering system components. We cover all manufacturing prcesses from HPDC, machning, deburring to visual control.  We are looking for partners from industries (automotive, aeronautics) that have experience with light metal die-casting.

We are looking for knowledge in:

  • die casting tool life simulation

  • die casting engravings surface and temperature treatments

  • advanced deburring solutions

  • advanced machining solutions

  • advanced visual control solutions (zero-defect)

We are looking for possibilities to include the topic in an upcoming NMBP or FOF calls.

Mr. Rok Podobnik, project expert in the EU projects and innovation department

 Nanotechnologie et nanosciences
 Industrie automobile
 Ingénieur industriel

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