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Looking for a French college or university with a course on accounting to join a completed KA2 VET Strategic Partnership project application on sustainable accounting practices.

The focus of the proposal is the lack of specific experts about new and sustainable accounting and reporting practices and techniques.
Preliminary research and analysis carried out by partners, highlighted that in Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean Countries, accountants, consultants and other professionals dealing with businesses activities, are not sufficiently aware of some themes related to sustainable accounting and reporting practices and systems.

This project has the function to transfer and create some sustainable accounting and reporting principles and practices mainly addressed to SME’s, representing the larger part of the economic structure of the Mediterranean Countries economy. The adoption of sustainable practices could help them to increase their level of accountability and generate consensus on an even growing number of stakeholders, thanks to the production of high quality sustainable reports, with positive effects on their business and image.
Although the directive refers explicitly to big companies, it is foreseeable that in very near future the SME’s will have to comply also with this directive. So, it seems desirable to lay the methodological groundwork for the effective adoption of the principles, practices and accounting/reporting techniques from today.
The main target groups of this project are the public and private organizations’ accountants, as well as trainers, entrepreneurs, teachers of economic, financial and accounting subjects, auditors, quality certification bodies staff, other professionals operating in the sector of accounting and reporting, managers, technical and administrative staff of SME’s.

The foreseen results before and during project development are the following:
- Further collection of relevant data, research and analysis about existing sustainable accounting practices, learning materials and target groups level of awareness about the issues, as a basis for the development of new, enriched, innovative and more updated ones leading to the production of the accountants knowledge gap report;
- High and significant comprehension of the most important, relevant and pertinent training needs of the target groups, capturing and highlighting the existing difference in the sustainability of the related issues awareness levels between target groups belonging to different Countries and/or Regions;
- Raising awareness among target groups on topics related to sustainability accounting and reporting systems through the project on-going dissemination activities;
- Acquisition of “sustainable accounting capabilities” by target groups during pilot tests;
- Creation of effective, innovative and cutting edge training materials and tools;
- Enhancement of cooperation levels among European organizations dealing with accounting and reporting concepts and practices.

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