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Dear possible partner,

We would like to submit a proposal on February call on Youth exchange. We are looking for a partner, a vocational school which teach people with intellectual disability a profession.

We would like that 10 of our students (we can´t more because we are not teaching for people without disability, and our target group is very specific – we are around 80 students per promotion), from our Employment Training Centre (VET education), can do an exchange with other youth group with similar profile. Our students have a high autonomy level, and they are studding some profession like:


•             Customer service

•             Data recording

•             Basic cooking: professional certificate (public certificate)

•             Bar skills: professional certificate (public certificate)

•             Gardening and eco-farming operations: professional certificate (public certificate)

•             Warehouse Assistant


We would like that the mobility will be for the next promotion, October 2017/ May 2018, and we would like to host and to be hosted (exchange).

IMPORTANT, this partner must to be in a big city, a city with own airport and own public transport to make easy the tryp (the profile of our students demand it)


Key aspect we are looking for:

-              Youth group profile: youngster with intellectual disabilities, between 18-30 years old. Preferably who are studding some profession.

-              To be hosted in a big city (with own airport)

-              Partner which would like to come to Madrid and to host us.


You can see the profile of our students in this video (but it is in Spanish…): ;list=PLOL124duBdLNWPDkrPpqVkcUXcmuU0YBY 

If you are interested, please, contact by mail to: , showing your data: Organisation name, contact person and email, country and city, website and a short description in relation with your work with people with intellectual disability.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards from Spain.

Project Department
Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation

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