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We're looking for a thin film manufacturer to run small batches of custom layer design on polymer substrates like PET.

We're also looking for an application partner in many diverse areas where our technology can provide a solution.

Here are some application deployments where we can develop a custom solution:

  • Inventory checking / stock taking: Focus-free remote item scanning with 30m / 100ft range & 2” label size
  • Environmental control of perishable goods, flowers: Remote temperature monitoring using passive disposable polymer sensors
  • CCTV, surveillance: Event triggering by identification of tagged subjects or objects
  • Access control, personnel ID & tracking: Staff ID using passive disposable, copy-resistant polymer badges, appliques, chevrons, epaulettes, or in fabric integrated with uniform
  • Toll collection, car park access: Vehicle validation using passive copy-resistant polymer vignettes
  • Self-driving cars: Reliable identification of tagged road signs, traffic cones, other vehicles
  • Temperature measurement: Remote temperature monitoring on moving parts using passive disposable polymer sensors
  • Rotation encoding: Contactless & battery-free rotation measurement by line of sight
  • Angle measurement: Contactless & magnet-free orientation measurement by line of sight
  • Robot control: Angular & positional robot arm feedback & calibration by imaging alone
  • Gait analysis, movement cognition & mobility: Complex movement digitization using unobtrusive limb markers
  • Structure maintenance & diagnostics in engineering (civil, aerospace, etc.): Strain & deformation quantified in bridges, buildings, airframes, etc. by remote imaging of passive polymer sensors
  • Distributed sensor network: Video-based sensor network of multiple passive sensors of temperature, angle, deformation, etc. interrogated by a common camera
  • Player tracking, game analytics: Player ID & ball / puck markers using passive polymer badges, appliques, or in fabric integrated with uniform
  • Skier / rider photography: Automatic photo ID from a single pixel
  • Hypervideo, advertising: Ads / actor names encoded at frame level from brand tags on actors & objects in filming set

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