Interested in a Partnership (Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria)

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Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria

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We are interesting in project cooperation that would contribute to the following:
- Training of our staff in organization, management and communication issues through exchange of good practices, job shadowing, development of joint projects,
- Exchange cultural exchange and awareness by means of joint events, creation of joint/comparative projects, educational activities for adults and pupils, (i.e. 2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage) in cooperation with local culture-related agents,
- Support and development, in cooperation with Schools of its responsibility, of environmental actions towards the familiriasation and protection of nature and natural resources,
- Refugee student support at school and social environment,
- Exchange of good practices and development of tools of information, prevention and handling of major health-related issues met in school environment, like smoking, drug/alcohol addictions, STDs, etc.
- Vocational Education,
- Support and Opportunities for Special Educationsuppor

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 Éducation artistique
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