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ur organization's aim is to provide different education opportunities especially for the
disadvantaged group of people in our region since we have a multicultural area that is home
to immigrants from different regions of Turkey. Due to being established in an intensive
internal immigrant populated area, it's inevitable for us to plan different school activities for
their integration in this new settlement. In addition to this, preparing appropriate education
environments for the unemployed population to foster their entrepreneurial skills to create
personal career for themselves takes place in our organization's mission definition. We
believe that by the help of this application they have a chance to change their economic, social
and cultural profile of the district they settled in.
The Directorate also organizes different leisure time activities, counseling children and
youngsters in the case of behavioral and communication problems, interpersonal conflicts,
aggression, conflicts, etc.

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 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Sécurité publique

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