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Bulgarian Association of Recycling

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The Bulgarian Recycling Association / BAR / is an NGO that unites the largest companies in Bulgaria which recycle secondary raw materials in the country.

The Association supports and promotes entrepreneurship in the field of environment, innovation, circular economy, bioeconomy, blue economy, green economy, culture, education, thus influencing the pace of development of the recycling sector and creating new businesses to support and strengthen the sector and the stability of the business, as well as to participate in projects related to entrepreneurship in the above areas.

We would like to join, as a partner, in capacity building projects or demonstrations of good practice in the field of the circular, green and blue economies. The association has an expert team with extensive experience in ecology and environmental protection,

 Gestion des déchets
 Développement et coopération
 Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER)
 Coopération interrégionale
 Subventions EEE et Norvège
 Green Deal

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