Interested in a partnership - Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital EACEA/06/2019

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Harghita Community Development Association

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Call: Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital EACEA/06/2019: featuring new forms of creation at the cross roads between different cultural and creative sectors, including the audiovisual sector, and through the use of innovative technologies, including virtual reality

Project idea: Virtual reality in tourism. 360 VR (virtual reality) videos are a powerful tool for the tourism industry as more brands try out this medium. 360 videos offer potential guests and visitors the opportunity to immerse in an experience or destination (tangible and intangible cultural heritage, natural heritage) before deciding on making the purchase.

Our association still needs experience to be able to coordinate projects so we are looking forward to joining project proposals in which our current competences could be an added-value, and in which we can improve our coordinating capacities for future projects. We are looking for project coordinator.

 Tourisme durable
 Héritage culturel
 Culture et développement
 Culture numérique
 Europe créative

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