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il y a 2 ans

Historic and Folklore Museum of Longos (MILL)

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Our area (Achaia), research, knowledge, archives and our local hosting ammenities could prove beneficial, as a partner, to any and all seeking to develop cultural movies/documentaries in subject areas such as:

1) Greek Mythology (Hercule's Tasks and other tales, w/in a 100km radius).  

2) Achaean League, Europe's first Confederacy ().

3) The Colonization of Magna Grecia, (ie. Croton & Sybaris, 750-700BC).

4) The last fort of the Byzanine Empire  (1460AD).

5) The Greek Liberation War of 1821.

6) World's greatest currants: PDO Vostizza.

7) OliveOil culture/manufacturing.

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