Helping Socially Vulnerable Categories in Ukraine

il y a 2 ans

O. Maslov

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We are a group of adherent people (social worker, doctor and a lawyer). Our idea is to open a rehabilitation center for socially vulnerable and children, who are in difficult life circumstances. A few years ago, after the beginning of a war conflict in Ukraine, lots of organizations started to raise money to support army: buy equipment, bulletproof vests and even a night vision devices. But the worst thing is that the budgets for family support programs were cut, while the inflation was increasing. In addition, many kids lost their fathers in the East of Ukraine.

Our target now is to create a place, where children can eat and play together, go fishing and ride a bicycle, play table tennis and volleyball, talk with a psychologist, have fun and get a possibility to spend their night in a warm and safe building. In other words, we want to give them something, which they never get. This place would be open for children, who need any help, mostly orphans and homeless.

We already have a building near town Kropyvnytskyi in the center of Ukraine, but the problem is that it was neglected for years. Previously here was a shop and a rosarium. Most of all we like large rooms (h=3,5 meters). House has an area of 240 sq m (2 583 sq ft), the site has 0,24 ha (25 833 sq ft). This place already has:
- an asphalted road straight to the house;
- farm buildings (for rabbits, hens, ducks);
- a water well;
- lake with fish;
- about 30 garden fruit trees;
- foundation for a pergola.

What did we do during previous months?
- prepared communications (electricity, gas, phone, internet);
- totally repaired the roof (to leave the building dry in winter).

This place requires investments for repairing floor, walls, windows and buying basic equipment: for kitchen, toilet, bedrooms.

We are currently searching for any help. This campaign is a beginning of a long way, but we chose this way and with all our hearts we feel the need to finish it. We want to help kids with special needs, who lost their parents, lost their homes and began to leave on the street. Sooner or later we are going to open this center, but with your help, we would save the most important resource - time.

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