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Chiara Crosio



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The GOF project aims to increase the partecipation and proactivity of senior citizen through an increase in knowledge of the programs and services of the European Union dedicated to them by leveraging volunteering and solidarity.

The project intends to involve elderly citizens and youg volunteers in a joint discussion, offering the first opportunities for voluntary service and public utility. The discussion will have as its theme the freedom and privileges related to a democratic society, the narration of the story related to the freedom of the citizens.

Citizens over 65 will carry out guided tours of territory they belong to, telling stories and episodes of freedom and citizenship starting from commemorative and toponymic plaques

We are looking for experienced organizations who can be partner and leader in our draft proposal of a new project for European’s programme “EUROPE FOR CITIZEN”. We are a non profit organization located in Rome, Italy, and for this project we can count on the support of local administrations.

The desired partners must manage:

  • social centers for senior citizens
  • groups of young volunteers
  • be a public Institution.

 Europe pour les citoyens
 Social et Bien-être

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