(Finished - All partners found) COS-EYE-2019-4-01: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

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Title and acronym of the project: EYEs to the Future - FUTUREYES

Funding programme: COS-EYE-2019-4-01: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs ()

Summary of the project:

The project is fairly simple as its goal is to establish new INTERMEDIARY ORGANISATIONS for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. The role of these organisations would be to promote the programme and organise and support host entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs that would participate in the programme (more at ). The project would last for 36 months starting on 1 February 2020. There will be six partners in the project from Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ukraine and we are looking for the last partner.

There are also two main conditions for the project partners that need to be proven and these are as follows:

  1. Strong and provable experience of every partner in providing business support in any forms, business education, consultancy, services in business plans development, cooperation in entrepreneurial activities, co-operation in business development, entrepreneurship development focused projects, etc., the more the better. This experience is part of the partner description in the process of the proposal preparation.
  2. Provable financial health to support the expenses of the project (the project is 100% funded but the financial health of each organisation will be checked prior to agreement signing).

Please, if interested, send us your PIF and comment on the two conditions above.

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