Establish a new annual cultural, tourist and social tradition in Latvia.

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The sensation of the years! Best kept secret of Latvian-Russian history.

The life of Catherine I was said by Voltaire to be nearly as extraordinary as that of Peter the Great himself.

On 8th of February, 1725 she was proclaimed as Empress and Autocrat of All the Russia!

We would like to draw your attention to a unique project:

"Latvia is the homeland of the first Russian Empress, Catherine ;

The main goals of this project:

- To make a special cultural fund to help in organizing classical concerts, exhibitions, events and historical forums to popularize the name of Marta-Catherine the First

- Make a movie about her life.

- Continue with an annual event, Charity Marta’s Ball in Latvia, which is like the Viennese Opera Ball in Austria or The Doge’s Ball in Venice. On 15th of September 2017 Marta’s Ball will take place for the fourth time!

- Celebrate Marta’s Birthday in April

- Promotion of Latvia as the country with a remarkable history

- Attract attention to Riga, as one of the cultural capitals of Europe

- To attract more tourists

- Convergence among the nations, which lives in Latvia

- Raising money for charity purposes


In September 2014 and 2015, 2016 the Marta’s Ball was carried out very successfully in the Grand Palace Hotel. A world-famous opera star Inese Galante took on the duties of the patroness of the ball. A former president of Latvia Valdis Zatlers with his spouse, ex-prime minister Valdis Birkovs, a hockey-star Sandis Ozoliņs, TV Star Maija Silova, and many others visited the event as the guests of honors.

More than 30 representatives of mass media were present at the ball. News reports about the event were widely broadcasted, including the First Baltic Channel. We have already gained support from such international companies as PORSCHE, FREY WILLE, SHISHI, MELE, HENRY MOON, SHISHI, VAN LAAK, SCHLOSSLE HOTEL Group, BERNDORF, REATON, one of the best hotels in Vienna - IMPERIAL.

In such a way, the Marta’s Ball becomes a beautiful annual event in the cultural life of Riga.

Marta’s Ball 2014



Marta’s Ball 2015

Martas balle 2016




The venue of the ball has not been chosen randomly. Firstly, the Grand Palace Hotel is located in a real palace. Secondly, this is one of the best hotels in Latvia with spotless reputation and service. The Grand Palace Hotel is also famous by its successful international-level charitable acts, such as Global Party in 2011, 2013.


Catherine the First of Russia was known as a kind and generous person. She experienced poverty herself, an orphan childhood, and therefore she tried to help during her lifetime disadvantaged people, and especially children's shelters.

Russian Empress Catherine I was the wife of Peter I (The Great) and Empress of Russia. There are many legends and gossips of the origin of Catherine. Historians from different countries, and researchers of Peter the Great era could not come to an agreement. There is a one known and proven fact, that Marta Samuilovna Skowronska came from Latvia.

 She lived at the shelter for orphans in Riga. She lost her parents when she was 2 years ;When she was 12 years, she was given in servitude to pastor Gluck in Aluksne (Latvia). He was a highly educated man and was the first who translated the Bible into Latvian!

Marta grew up a very smart girl. And it is not an exaggeration to say her fate was one that so many young girls of every epoch desperately desired- to meet a prince and have a wealthy and happy ;

She was the first empress of the Romanov dynasty! Her and Peter the Great’s daughter, Elizabeth, ruled the Russian Empire for over 20 years! 

As in one of the most famous fairy tale about Cinderella, Marta managed to become the first empress of the great ;



Contact person and coordinator of the project: Svetlana Loew



Pils iela 12 • Riga • LV 1050 • Latvia

+371 29376507




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