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Giresun Province National Education Directorate

Autorité publique nationale


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Giresun Provincial National Education Directorate is responsible for examining national education services within the jurisdiction, identifying and providing the needs of schools and organisations within the jurisdiction, ensuring implementation and development of services better within the jurisdiction, making proposals to the relevant authorities when needed. Working area is arranged to include Basic Training, Vocational and Technical Education, Religious Education, Special Education and Guidance Services, Lifelong Learning, Private Educational Institutions, Information Technology and Educational Technology, Strategy Development, Law, Human Resources Management and many areas related to Support National Education Directorates serve in 15 countries linked to our are a total of 369 institutions in the field of education throughout are 236 primary schools, 81 secondary, 19 pre-school, 182 Kindergarten, 15 Public Education Centers, 4 Vocational Training Centers, 3 Counseling and Research Centers, 1 Science and Art Center, 12 Teacher Centers. students are trained by 5175 teachers in various branches. 54 schools in our province is providing Vocational and Technical Education. They are 13 Technical and Vocational High Schools, 4 Girls High Schools, 4 Commercial High Schools, 6 Health Professions High Schools, 1 Management and Tourism Vocational High School, 1 Fine Arts and Sports High School, 8 Multi-Program Vocational High Schools, 12 Imam-Hatip High Schools and 4 Science High Schools.

As Giresun Province National Education Directorate we are planning to prepare a project under the title of Erasmus+ YOUTH PROGRAMME KEY ACTION 2(KA2) Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnerships in the Field of ;you have experience in Social innovation and social entrepreneurship and want to be a partner of us Please contact me

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