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We are EU Project and Foreign Relations Coordination Center of Governorship of Bursa/Turkey. We are coordinator of several projects funded by EU, Ministries and Development Agencies. We are now preparing a project for the call for proposal: KA2-Erasmus+ Vocational Education Strategic Partnership.

The project aims to improve new production, new servicing and new management understanding of SME’s which want to grow at international market, that considers cultural differences at hosting countries that directly affects many subjects like sales and marketing. Moreover, the adaptability of directors and employees to different cultures is an important subject for the firms. The selection of proper individuals that get into foreign cultures and employ of them affects the operational efficiency. From this point of view, to improve the “Intercultural Sufficiency” of the university students in the departments advertising, marketing, communication and the employee and directors of the firms related to abroad is the other important aim of the project.  

We would be glad to have you as a partner in our project. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

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