Erasmus + KA1 - Contact Making Event - Italy

il y a 2 ans


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With this project we aim at building a network of reliable organizations who wish to work together and plan a Strategic Partnership project in the field of Youth for 2018.

As a recently born organization, we believe that online relationships cannot completely substitute the face to face interaction in order to build healthy and long-lasting cooperation among Ngos. At the same time, it is more difficult for young organizations to get involved in bigger and longer projects if they don’t have a solid partnership network.

With this contact making event, we want to bring together organizations from different fields (focusing on youth), as well as different levels of experience in order to get to know each other, match our interests and start planning a Strategic Partnership project.

Moreover, we want to pay attention to the ultra peripheral regions, which might face more difficulties in finding new/trustworthy partners because of their distance, and we would like to address this issue.

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