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On 15th December 2016, the EU Commission published a new Call for "European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the field of Education and Training". Under the programme ERASMUS+ Programme - Key Action 3 - Support for Policy Reform, the Call has some specific objectives: 

- to kick-start longer-term changes and field-test innovative solutions to challenges in the education and training fields, which have the potential of becoming mainstreamed and to generate a sustainable and systemic impact on education and training systems;

- to support trans-national cooperation and mutual learning on forward-looking issues among key stakeholders;

- to facilitate the collection and analysis of evidence to substantiate innovative policies and practices.

Proposals must address at least one of the following priorities:

  • Priority 1 – Acquisition of basic skills by low-skilled adults;
  • Priority 2 – Promoting performance based approaches in VET;
  • Priority 3 - Promoting innovative technology in the field of providing career guidance;
  • Priority 4 - Professionalisation of staff (school education, including early childhood education and care);
  • Priority 5 - Achieving the aims of the renewed EU strategy for higher education.

Eligible applicants must be public and private organisations active in the field of education and training or other sectors such as non-formal learning, including youth, other socio-economic sectors, and/or organisations carrying out cross-sectoral activities. The minimum partnership composition requirement for this call is 3 organisations representing 3 programme countries.

Total budget available for the co-financing of projects under the call is EUR . Financial contribution from the EU cannot exceed 75% of the total eligible project ;The maximum grant per project is EUR .

Deadline for this call is 14 March 2017.

Conform Group, a national private company operating in Italy on the field of Vocational Training, Vocational Guiding and Active Employment Policies, is interested to partner for a proposal to be presented under the aforementioned call, in particular related to priority 3 - Promoting innovative technology in the field of providing career ;

As we have a wide experience in career guidance, we would be interested to develop a project aimed at experimenting:

- innovative technologies (ie. digital tools) for career guidance and consultancy;

- information intelligence systems on job dynamics and projections in local contexts.

These activities are expected to be undertaken with target users coming from VET Centres and Employment Services.

If interested please contact us for sharing specific ideas for the objectives of the proposal.


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