elergy eficiency

il y a 3 ans

We propose the new type of finned flat-oval tubes (pipes) with partial (incomplete) ribbing (finning). Application of the new finned tubes will lead to considerable economy of energy carriers, will reduce metal consumption of designs, will improve ecology, conditions and safety of work.

Application: water еconomizers, heaters of boiler, caldron-utilizers, regenerators, оil coolers of steam-gas and gas-turb ineplants and also dry cooling towers (gradierens), air condensers.

Flat-oval pipes with partial (incomplet eribbing) possess essential advantages in comparison with used presently in the industry:

- manufactur ability and small cost of manufacturing with use technology of pin (contact) welding;

- high degree of development of the surface, reaching values of the best samples of bimetallic pipes and much cheaper carbon steels (in comparison with aluminium);

- high intensity of convective heat exchange because of absence of an aerodynamic shade in which low values of local speed of a stream are observed, and also because ofturbulization of stream between the ribs;

            - ideal thermal contact between ribs and the bearing pipe, due to technology of pin welding;

            - low aerodynamic resistance due to configuration of bearing pipes.

All advantages marked higher allow to assert that a heat-exchange equipment with flat-oval pipes with incomplete ribbing will have considerably more short term of recoupment  in comparison with heat-exchange equipment produced presently, and will lead to wide application in the different areas of industry.

Development and introduction  new heat-exchange surfaces will lead to notable economy of material and power resources.

The offered technology has considerably best characteristics on ecology:

- decreasing of emission of harmful substances and steams in an atmosphere, reduction of рotbed effect;

- decreasing of using fresh water, reduction of pollution of natural reservoirs by industrial drains etc.

Application of technology recycling of warmth leaving gases сopperis one of the most important ways of increase of efficiency use of fuel in municipal services. Losses of heat with leaving gases represent the basic loss of warmth in boiler installations. Application сopperis with low efficiency allowed to reduce the price of capital investments and to receive the big return on the invested capital.

Action principle recycling of warmth: leaving smoke gases with a heat, passing through the developed surface утилизатора, are cooled and transfer thermal energy to a working body - return water of thermal networks. Efficiency such device directly is connected with heat-transmitting properties of a surface and aerodynamic resistance of the equipment. Application of new technology allows to make recycling of warmth devices on the basis of the highly effective developed surfaces.


Heat exchangers developed differ high efficiency, simplicity a design, compactness and small metal consumption. Application of such heat exchangers in quality recycling of warmth of leaving gases of fuel of the using installations leads to increase their EFFICIENCY on 4-6 %.

The technology is developed on the basis of the discovery by National technical university of Ukraine “Kiev polytechnical institute” (dean of faculty: doctor, professor Ye.N. Pysmennyy). In 2013 in EDTB of E.O. Paton EWI skilled installation of finned flat-oval tubes (pipes) with partial (incomplete) ribbing (finning), in present has been developed and made production by contracts of customers. In 2015 works on improvement of available installation in a direction of automation, adaptability to manufacture, profitability and quality welding operations. The project can take part in topics of Horizon 2020: EE-2017, FETOPEN-2016-2017, SMEInst-2016-2017. We invite to cooperation and partners in the program Horizon 2020.

 Efficacité énergétique
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