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Dear colleagues,

the european consultancy SlovakEUprojects for all interested in training in the project management is introducing a new e-learning portal - EU+ Education.

Within the framework of the 2014 - 2020 EU funding programmes, the European Commission earmarked more than 980 billion euros for your project plans. It´s not a secret that the project management cycle from project idea itself, writing of grant application to the successful implementation of the project requires not only a great amount of patience, but especially the necessary skills and expertise. And we know that this services are pricey.

So we introduce you this two ideas:

1. For those interested in management of eurofunded projects we have developed EU+ Project Manager Course and now for limited period for you as a Up2Europe member we offer special discount 20% for it. Just redeem coupon code UP2EUROPE20 on EU+ Education portal (see more in attachment).

(the coupon expires on 31 May 2016)

2. Because we also aspire to participate in your project proposals as a potential partner or subcontractor, we offer you mainly this services and workpackages: Development of E-learning courses, Project management, Event management in CEE countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary).

We hope you will be interested. Thank you.

Kind regards

Darius Rusnak - CEO of SlovakEUprojects, s. r. o.

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