Dialogue in schools and education

il y a 17 jours

Joop Boukes



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What would it be like if dialogue became a permanent part of education? What would it be like if all schools made their students familiar with dialogue as a way to discuss topics that are important to them? Would there be a society in which people are more easily able to have difficult conversations with each other? Would she be better able to deal with diversity and are actions more based on inclusion? Would they be more able to tackle problems together? Would people listen to each other sooner and better, because they know that everyone's voice is of value and can be seriously explored together? Probably yes, but that requires a lot of effort. The school is of course the most important place to introduce children and young people to the power of dialogue. Not just an interfaith dialogue, an intercultural dialogue or a dialogue that is brought forward because other forms of consultation were unsuccessful. No, dialogue as the basic skill of learning and living. Learn to listen to others and ask questions freely. Want to help? Contact me at

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