Development of a cyclic technology of processing low-quality and non-standard phosphate raw materials into high-quality products

il y a 3 ans

Saule Akhmetova



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The aim of the project is to develop and introduce technology of direct processing of low-quality phosphorites of Karatau and Chilisai (Kazakhstan) deposits into highly concentrated phosphorus fertilizers and extraction phosphoric acid. The method helps to enlarge raw material basis of phosphorus fertilizers industry. The method has the following advantages; it helps to obtain highly concentrated phosphorus products, using poor phosphate raw-material, avoiding its preliminary enrichment. It is possible to obtain fertilizers on the basis of phosphate raw material and sulfuric acid within one technological scheme.

The aim of the work also is to solve an important task of national economy. The idea of the research is quite new. It offers a new approach to solve urgent problems. The work is of certain practical value. That is why the aim which the authors try to achieve is very important.

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