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Turgutlu Kaymakamligi

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KA2 Strategic Partnership for School Education (KA201)

Dear potential partners,
Turgutlu Kaymakamligi (District Governorship of Turgutlu) is the highest public authority in the town of Turgutlu, which is 50 kms away from İzmir.
The Governorship controls and cooperates with all the public and private institutions in the town, including schools, adult education centres, NGOs ;
We are working on a KA2 Strategic Partnership for School Education (KA201) which is about methods of teaching coding and robotics in primary and secondary schools. In this project, we wish to create materials like games, e-books, animations etc. for IT teachers to help them in teaching and robotics. After the theoretical training, teachers will have the chance to mentor students and create projects together. If you are interested in joining us, we will be very happy to provide more info on the project.

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