Competences and Learning outcomes identification for advancing training in the Cleaning sector / KA2 SP in VET

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Looking for a VET organisation from France or Finland to submit this completed proposal as applicant.

The project aims at implementing and using ECVET tools in order to boost and facilitate access to lifelong learning and qualifications of workers in the cleaning services not having a qualification and paying hard difficulties in getting their competences and skills recognized for lifelong learning purposes and better access to the job market.

Project results foreseen during the project implementation can be described as follows:

- The development of a set of competences and learning outcomes in line with European quality standards, and more specifically the ECVET model.

- The development of a modular training model to make qualifications systems in the field more flexible to achieve a part or a whole qualification and coherent with needs emerging at the workplace setting up an innovative approach to the management of Human Resources in the cleaning sector.

- The introduction of an improved, in terms of contents, structure and aims, multilingual training content for the cleaning services sector, resulting in upgrading qualification levels and professionalism of the workforce based on a transnationally elaborated identification and description of the learning outcomes, taking care of commonalities and divergences in the different NQFs and the workplace needs in the partner countries and beyond.

-The delivery of the training content and the learning environment as multilingual OERs in the field,

Please respond with details about your organisation and experience in order to provide a complete draft of the proposal and discuss the possiblity of collaborating in this project.




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