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Youth Employment and Society Development



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We recognize the real situation is that students from Universities just have theory and lack of practical skills which prevent them from approaching good jobs. That causes the problem of high unemployment rate and a paradox (While the number of graduates is high, it is insufficient of qualified staff in many businesses). It is especially noticeable in vulnerable group. From the very young age, they have little chance to access better education. Facilities and equipment in their school is very basic and they even cannot afford to those things.

Our activities:

A, For those who want to develop language capacity and life skills: We train those students in life values, soft skills and language skills to help these teenagers realize their real potential and strength which motivate them follow the correct path to success both in career and in life. They are equipped with knowledge related to global development, global crisis, economy situation and context, factors enabling and challenging economy, environment and society development. With the non-formal education method, we organize training courses in ‘learning by doing’ approach where young people get knowledge by experiencing the real projects.


B, For those who want to work in tourism sector: We provide 6-month training course in English and tourism skills. The training equips those students with necessary tourism skills, full-fill themselves to have very good foundation to work in tourism sector. After the training, those disadvantage students can stay and work for YESD social enterprise or we connect with other travel companies so that they can work there. Our trainees not only obtain knowledge and skills in hospitality but also specialize in sustainable tourism because one of the main core values of YESD is developing sustainable tourism.

Goal: Create job opportunities for young people with few opportunities so that we can reduce the high unemployment rate among graduates in Vietnam

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