Call for partners: Pathways to preventing extremist violence! Closed.

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The cooperation aims to facilitate partners learn about the role of European values of democracy, human rights, and tolerance in preventing violent radicalisation.


Project's goal is to build youth organisations capacity in delivering quality non-formal education programmes that strengthen young people’s resilience to violent extremist messaging, to foster a positive sense of identity and belonging through peaceful coexistence in today's culturally diverse societies.


Thus, the overall objective is to facilitate the empowerment of youth workers in designing and implementing community-based response and preventive measures to extremist violence. This focuses on:

  1. facilitating mutual learning, exchange of best practices and cooperation in the fields of violent extremism prevention among participating organisations;
  2. enhancing youth workers skills in integrating a human rights, peace-building and participatory democracy perspective within the life-cycle of an extremist violence preventive interventions;
  3. equipping local young peace-builders, human rights activists and democracy advocates with Online and Offline counter extremist violence narratives and no-hate speech campaigning skills.

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