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Partners sought > Actors of the Digital Transformation arena (industry, academia and research, education and training).

In 2019, IAAD promotes a series of project proposals with the Digital Transformation sphere and aim at identifying candidates lead partners and partners, in particular key players of the Digital Transformation arena, in the industry, academia and research, education and training.

The main aim of the proposals is to examine and pilot-test blockchain technology to answer SSH needs towards IIRS, and these proposals are spin-offs of current projects.

IAAD is a leading research association and education and training provider, located in Istanbul, Turkey, and received the solid trust of 21 organisations all over Europe resulting in 8 approved ERASMUS+ projects in the past 2 years of activity.

IAAD recently invested in a series of resources to join H2020 and similar EU programmes.

Today, IAAD is at the interface between the scientific field, the civil society, and a series of economic sectors, driven by R&D, education and training, social innovation and entrepreneurship, addressing EU Societal Challenges.

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