Beyond Knowledge and Skills

il y a 3 ans

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Knowledge and skills are important, but they are not enough to enable individuals to become self-determining. The Beyond Knowledge and Skills idea is to design, create and pilot cost effective, blended learning that holistically equips individuals of all ages to develop the attitudes, thinking and behaviours to succeed in any field of endeavour. The aim is primarily to build individual capacity to develop and maintain personal, social and economic wellbeing. Learning would also be designed to build enterprise capability - to enable individuals to see, create, develop, and make the most of opportinties. Learning would enhance indivduals' capacity, including second chance learners, to become more self-determining, acheive economic indepedence and positively contributue in their community.    

 Renforcement des compétences
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes

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