Automated analysis of consumption profiles for industrial machineries in companies

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Oaklins Arietti

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CALL REFERENCE: H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot

DEADLINE: October 25th, 2016

The partner sought (neither Italian nor British nor Turkish) belongs to one of the following categories:

  1. Technology developers with relevant know-how
  2. Trade associations to help define KPI, BAT, methods and then validate it among its members
  3. Industries to evaluate the software on their systems
  4. Research bodies (preferably not Universities) that specialize in energy performance analysis and in energy efficiency measures

Starting from an adequate analysis of the main energy flows, an intelligent energy monitoring and verification system is able to give a reliable analysis of energy consumption and performance over time, to report faults in the energy behaviour and to define and track progress, for possible energy efficiency measures, quantifying the savings achieved. These systems are connected to “Measurement & Verification” (M&V) processes, that require a clear understanding of the underlying physical systems and their behaviour (both actual and expected).

The existing systems are based on analyses of performance and problems of the single facility/installation and there is no data collection that can create a database for the definition of benchmarks and comparative indices.

Therefore, the project objective is to define an advanced solution that not only reports faults, but also identifies opportunities to improve sequences of operations and even recommend actions, quantifying their return on investment with real data, paying particular attention to the industrial sector.

The software to be created links the AFDD (Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics) tools with the M&V (Measurement and Verification) process, and it would significantly help the widespread adoption of M&V processes.

The final goal of the project is to combine a complete description of the monitored device / engine / plant / system with an analysis of load curves and utilization profiles, so as to identify and classify the behaviour of the systems, spot irregularities during operation, take decisions as to alerting the maintainer and/or taking corrective actions, classify and benchmark the systems, comparing them against BAT’s and public KPI’s.

The project coordinator is an Italian joint stock company providing energy efficiency services, energy management, smart metering and optimisation of electricity, gas and water consumption for building and industrial plants.

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