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Adults today are spending a lot of time online which makes them vulnerable mainly because of not understanding the relevance of data. They either too freely provide their own data and thus run the risk of identity theft or of an unwanted third party being able to target them, or they too easily believe the actuality of data provided by others and thus could become targeted by a third party who is disguised by a false identity. During WEB era citizens where encouraged to upload their data, mainly through social channels. Nowadays, the WEB era has at its disposal a database of all the already collected data. WEB is characterized by advanced data mining and machine learning technologies capable to extract knowledge and key information that can be exploited in any possible way. A major concern is the use of such data by companies.

Proposed Remedy:
Adults should learn to appreciate the relevance of data, both the data they provide and data they receive. They should learn how to validate incoming data and evaluate when to provide and validate outgoing data.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a French organisation with an interest in the subject or in adult education in general.

The proposal is completed and we are only looking for a French organisation willing to become applicant.  

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